Doing Your Bit for the Environment: How You Can Contribute

//Doing Your Bit for the Environment: How You Can Contribute

Doing Your Bit for the Environment: How You Can Contribute

This planet has so much to offer: howling winds, thundering clouds, raging seas, towering mountains. What doesn’t factor into this equation of wonder and magnificence is the plastic bottle floating in the sea or the acres of land filled with our waste.

While it seems like such a daunting task, if everyone starts to do their own bit to help the environment, it could make a world of a difference.

So what can you do to contribute?

Besides the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—, conservation can make a lasting impact on the environment too. You don’t have to start a new movement or come up with a device to solve all the problems plaguing the environment; it merely involves doing your part to help the cause.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


Watch your use of water

Of all the water that makes up the Earth, only 2.5 percent is readily usable for its inhabitants. Given the unequal distribution, some people may have so much water while others may have none. You can play your part by conserving the water you use. That doesn’t mean you need to alter your entire lifestyle but taking shorter showers and turning off the tap whenever you’re not using water can make a huge difference!

Use energy responsibly

Use energy responsibly

Conserving energy is an easy way to do your bit. Switch off lights and other appliances that aren’t being used; not only will you be reducing the electricity bills you need to pay, but you’ll also do some good for the environment.

Travel smart

Vehicles, and the fuel they burn, are huge contributors to the environment’s degradation. Transpiration vehicles contributed almost 30 percent of the particulate emissions into the atmosphere, adding to air pollution.  If everyone continues to use their private vehicles, the emissions are exponentially high. Instead, you could make use of public transport and carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads.

Help out

There’s a lot of volunteer work, conducted by NGOs and charities, that is geared towards doing some good for the environment. While you take part in a beach cleanliness drive or a tree plantation one, you should dedicate some time from your schedule to lend a hand.

Recycle away

Recycle away

One of the biggest problems the environment is facing today is the unchecked disposal of waste. Almost everything we own today will end up in one of the 2000 active landfills and they’re running out of space! It’s imperative that the materials that can be reused and upcycled are treated properly and made the best use of.

Paper, certain plastics, cardboard, glass, and aluminum can be recycled to continue giving returns without the wastage. You can do your part by ensuring you’re purchasing products that can be recycled and have as little packaging as possible. You can make it easier for yourself by setting your recycling bin right next to your trashcan so you don’t forget it.

do your part

You can do your part by associating yourself with responsible companies that are committed to improving the environment. We’re proud to be providing green, eco-friendly residential and commercial junk removal Brooklyn, NY. Check out if our services are available in your area.

We’re committed to donating and recycling most of what we salvage from you; this way you’re doing your part to sustain the environment through our expert, cost-effective services! Call us now for a free, no-obligation assessment and quote on your junk!

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